Members Area

The new members area is now open!

It provides:

  1. A library of useful articles
  2. Access to the Complex Adaptive Leadership self-assessement questionnaire
  3. A blog site

Meanwhile, the site will continue to provide a range of resources when they become available. So that we may alert you about these, and if you do not at this time wish to become a member, please sign our Guest Book below – and any feedback you have about this site would also be gratefully received.

Thank you!

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We are developing a range of exciting web resources:

  • Library – with articles and papers about Complexity Science and Chaos Theory.
  • Blog/Wiki site – where members can share their own experiences and views, as well as seek guidance and support.
  • Individual assessment – a powerful self-assessment tool which generates a highly customised report showing how adaptive, responsive and effective leader you are. A 360 version will also be developed.
  • Orgnaisational assessment – a self-assessment tool which shows how effective and ready your organisation is to deal with complexity. A multi-user version to elicit different perspectives will also be developed.
  • Links – as our network grows links to other individuals and organisations will be published.