Our Clients and CAL results

Complex Adaptive Leadership: 2011 – 2020

Proving and delivering a new, powerful scientific approach

20+ industries, 30+ countries, 40+ nationalities, over 6,000+ leaders

From engaging keynotes to introductory inter-active workshops, to our Core Foundation Programme to our Action-learning Advanced Leadership Programme,

all customised to meet specific results desired by clients

Our leading edge programmes and interventions get measurable results and high financial ROI

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Our customisable Advanced Leadership Programme was  awarded the EFMD Gold Award for Executive Development – click on image below for full case study

Examples of clients we have served around the world

The Results We Get

Our interventions range from effective, interactive brief keynotes to engaging programmes which focus on delivering results. Research undertaken of some 700 managers who have been though our gold award winning flagship programme report a variety of benefits which can be summarised by: gaining more TIME to do more valuable things, and more engaged, productive and motivated TEAMS. Some benefits under each of these two can be seen in the graphic below on the left. We also deliver not just qualitative results but financial as well. The graphic below on the right shows how our flagship progamme can offer a less-than 6 month payback.