Our Clients and CAL results

Complex Adaptive Leadership: 2011 – 2020

Proving and delivering a new, powerful scientific approach

20+ industries, 30+ countries, 40+ nationalities, over 6,000+ leaders

From engaging keynotes to introductory inter-active workshops, to our Core Foundation Programme to our Action-learning Advanced Leadership Programme,

all customised to meet specific results desired by clients

Our leading edge programmes and interventions get measurable results and high financial ROI

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Our customisable Advanced Leadership Programme was  awarded the EFMD Gold Award for Executive Development – click on image below for full case study

Examples of clients we have served around the world

Some short example videos made by clients

We work in a variety of ways with clients, and some make videos for their own use. A couple of brief 5 minuets videos are shown below.

The one below on the left was made by  Societe Generale in France where we designed a module for their Top 300 Programme. This last module, which focused on delivery and works with the CEO,  brings top leaders new ways of looking at modern leadership in order to deal better with a VUCA world. The lessons learned help leaders simplify their day-today work and ensure a high degree of responsibility across the organisation.

The video below on the right was made by the organisers of a conference looking at scrum and other agile ways of working. We ran an awareness workshop for participants interested in knowing what type of leadership at corporate level is needed so that agile approaches such as lean and scrum can work better, and how leaders can best support such approaches.

Transforming Public Service Leadership

Jeff Farrar, the Chief Constable of Wales leading the Welsh police force in 2016, describes how a key note address by Nick Obolensky transformed his view of public service leadership, and how the CAL approach challenges thinking. The keynote session, which follows this 2 minute introduction, is shown in full below under “Longer videos”.

Working with partners

The brief video below on the left was made by one of our Chinese business partners to introduce the CAL approach and programme into China. And the brief video on the right was produced by our business partner Illustra (www.illustra.tv), which has the best on-line interactive learning platforms and provides modular programmes for clients.

Longer videos of some key note sessions

For those whose who prefer a more in-depth view, the 1 hour videos below were filmed (on the left) at a large seminar for some 250 public sector managers in a workshop in Wales where Jeff Farrar, the Chief Constable for Wales, introduced Nick and briefly explains how the CAL approach fundamentally changed how he led the police in Wales, getting more results for less resource. Nick then outlines the CAL approach. On the right the video was filmed at a Complexity Science conference “Causality-Reality” in Singapore’s Nanyang Technology University where Nick looks at the application of some of complexity science retrospectively to operations in the Cold War and Afghanistan.