Leadership Consulting

The are three broad categories of Leadership Consulting work we can deliver through our network:

Organisational Leadership

This level of consulting is aimed at engaging whole organisations in taking a lead, rather than waiting to be led.

Activities range from:

  • Mass engagement events
  • Whole organisational change processes

The experience is a roller coaster, full of suprises where the followers learn to lead and the leaders learn to support and follow.

Innovation Workshops

Innovation is key click here for more

Strategy and Change

We also complement traditional approaches to strategy and change management with a more dynamic and adaptive apprach click here for more

Leadership Team Work

Work with Leadership team which is custom designed to meet the need.

Strategy Development

  • Facilitated away days
  • Team building
  • Leadership effectiveness audit
  • Team and relationship repair

or a mix of all the above.

Events can be one off or modular with in-between modular support, and can be supplemented with adventure events with fully qualified adventure instructors.

Individual Work

Mix of Mentoring

This includes:

  • One – on – one support
  • Coaching and advising

We use a variety of psychometrics to help gain deeper understanding of communication and leadership skills enhancement opportunities. The location of such interaction has ranged from office to ski slope and is highly customised.