Leadership Development

Our Leadership Development comes in a variety of highly customised delivery methods:

“Plug and Play”

This can range from a half day look at:

  • Complexity theory
  • Soft skills needed
  • Leadership for the future

or to whole week module(s) to plug into a current:

  • Leadership programme
  • Leadership development process

Clients range from business schools/universities to organisations which have their own in-house leadership development programmes.

Customised Leadership Programmes

We can design highly customised leadership development programmes which can use a range of interventions from the classical content delivery approach to the more exploratory discovery visits. Programmes are usually modularised to ensure in-between module activity designed to ensure the maximum return on investment for the organisation.

We also offer one-on-one coaching for senior executives who wish to become far more effective leaders.

See below for an example of a detailed programme (The LEAD Programme was designed on behalf of McKinsey & Co.)

Hybrid Events

These events are a mix of leadership development, team building, fun aways and strategy/problem resolution. The process is fluid but fun, and is focused on solving issues in a innovative way. A variety of engaging places and venues have been used including: A ski resort (using skiing even for non-skiers); an Arab dhow in the Red Sea; an SAS training ground with ex-SAS instructors; and a mountian refuge. Venues are used to support problem solving/issue resolution which can vary from team repair/building work to strategy refocus, from leadership enhancement to specific problem solving. Facilitators are highly qualified and are selected to ensure the best match.