As well as providing highly acclaimed interactive experiential face-to-face workshops, CAL also offer interactive on-line solutions. These include one of the world’s first fully integrated 70-20-10 (10% workshops, 20% coaching/mentoring, 70% on-the-job learning) carbon neutral on-line programme which dramatically reduces costs as well as carbon footprint.

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The question “Can on-line workshops replace face-to-face?” is a theoretical questions for some, but for us the answer is a practical “Yes!” based on many years’ experience. Below is the feedback from over a dozen workshops and 300+ managers around the world 2014-2020.

We offer a variety of interactive online workshops:

  1. Flash 1.5 hr workshops – these focus on specific issues which are topical or can be customised to meet specific client needs.
  2. Master Class 2.5hr workshops – looking at specific aspects of leadership and/or talent development.
  3. CAL workshops – covering aspects of applying complexity science to organisational and individual leadership to get better results, faster for less effort.
  4. CAL 70-20-10 programme – our gold award fully integrated programme which gets measurable ROI.

  • No flights, taxis or hotels which reduce the cost of typical face-to-face programmes by up to 50%, as well as reducing typical carbon emissions by up to 10,000KG. Minimal carbon used  by our progamme is fully offset, certified by Climate Partner.

  • Our online 70-20-10 programmes reduce HR logistical work as the 10% is on-line and the 70% is focused on the day job rather than new projects seen as an additional burden by busy participants.

Regular reporting on sub-group and individual level of activity via CAL’s on-line proprietary Impact Peer Accountability System (IPAS):

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