As well as providing highly acclaimed interactive experiential face-to-face workshops, CAL also offer interactive on-line solutions for talent, organisational and leadership development. These are as effective as face-to-face solutions.

Feedback from participants:

“This was one of the most effective and applicable management training course I have taken”.

Senior Manager, SACW Inc., USA

“Given the challenge of virtual classes, this was

head and shoulders above the competition”

Senior Project Manager, USA

  • No flights, taxis or hotels which reduce the cost of typical face-to-face programmes by up to 50%, as well as reducing typical carbon emissions by up to 10,000KG. Minimal carbon used  by our progamme is fully offset, certified by Climate Partner.

  • Our online 70-20-10 programmes reduce HR logistical work as the 10% is on-line and the 70% is focused on the day job rather than new projects seen as an additional burden by busy participants.

  • Actual 70-20-10 programme design is customised for each client and may differ to the indicative one shown below.

Regular reporting on sub-group and individual level of activity via CAL’s on-line proprietary Impact Peer Accountability System (IPAS):

  •  Cohorts are organised into action-learning teams of 6, with sub-groups of 3 for co-coaching. Each team gets their own confidential web page to share learning and progress.
  •  Regular reporting shows level of activity of each individual as well as overall progress of action-learning teams.

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Security online is critical, and CAL is fully ISO27001 certified as well as having Cyber Essentials accreditation to ensure your data and use of online resource is fully protected and secure.

The question “Can on-line workshops replace face-to-face?” is a theoretical questions for some, but for us the answer is a practical “Yes!” based on many years’ experience. Below is the feedback from over a dozen workshops and 300+ managers around the world 2014-2020.

We offer a variety of interactive online workshops, customised to focus on client needs:

  1. Flash 1.5 hr workshops – these focus on specific issues which are topical or those which need urgent attention.
  2. Master Class 2.5hr workshops – looking at specific aspects of leadership and/or talent development.
  3. CAL 4 hr workshops – covering aspects of applying complexity science to organisational and individual leadership to get better results, faster for less effort.
  4. CAL 70-20-10 modular Navigator Programme – our gold-award based fully integrated programme which gets measurable results.

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