Research of 120 Senior Manager CAL Alumni from diverse organisations around the world shows applying The CALAgility System can improve productivity, engagement and innovation

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Research of some 100 executives from around the world, who have been through the CAL programmes, show that they have managed uncertainty during the COVID period a lot better, with higher team engagement and better results

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Independent research projects  in the USA and Russia shows that those organisations/teams which have high Complex Adaptive Leadership principle scores do significantly better than those with lower scores.

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Research Articles and Books

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The original CAL research publication – Updated and improved 2nd Edition – for those who want a deep understanding


“Complex Adaptive Leadership – Embracing Paradox and Uncertainty”

The First Edition was published in 2010 and became a Gower best seller used by companies and business schools/universities around the world

Second Edition 2014 Paperback now available

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Complex Adaptive Leadership – Key Reviews and Summaries

“….a startingly good read for a business manager keen to develop a practical understanding of different strategies with which to engage subordinates.”

Integral Leadership Review, January 2012. Click here for full review and a good summary

“…an excellent conceptual framework that permits a comprehensive analysis of every aspect of leadership.”

First Trust Bank Economic Outlook and Businsess Review, December 2010. Click here for full review

“…a marvelous resource that connects adaptive leadership with complexity science…a strong support for researchers and scholars.”

Leadership and Organizational Development Journal, Vol 32 # 3, 2011. Click here for full review