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Is your organisation agile, and leadership......





...and ENABLING?

...because the old hierarchical leadership approaches no longer work so well in a VUCA world.....


We offer cutting edge, customised services to executives and organisations around the world that get measureable results. We deliver this from organisational wide initiatives, to team/group development to one-on-one coaching. Our clients report getting better and more results for less leadership effort.

  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Consulting
  • Innovation Enablement
  • Strategy and Change



Complex Adaptive Leadership (CAL) Limited is a global network of talented associates. We range from experienced accomplished practitioners, to expert consultants, from world leading academics to effective facilitators, with a common view that leadership needs to change to meet the future.   Our associates deliver a range of approaches via a variety of interventions to suit the client culture and budget. The CAL way offers just one such approach, relevant to all national cultures and has been praised globally.



Our published and highly acclaimed research addresses a more complex world where traditional approaches to leadership seem to be less effective. We draw on the lessons that can be learnt from modern western complexity science, chaos mathematics and ancient Chinese wisdom. CAL offers a unique, new, effective approach which embraces traditional leadership models and then extends them in a practical way  for a modern age.


What others say about us:

“I have seen many leadership models in my time. The CAL (Complex Adaptive Leadership) approach delivered here in Beijing is the best western model that suits the Chinese culture and psyche. The feedback from the participants has been very positive”

From a programme in Beijing, ChinaL&D Executive

“CAL helped me as a leader to focus on what matters, setting in place the framework for the team to work, and identified techniques to use in interpersonal / leadership situations. I would highly recommend it.”

From an intervention in Munich, GermanyExecutive

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About Us

CAL is unique and links complexity science to adaptive leadership to give a new and dynamic view of leadership which gets better results for less effort.  Complexity has been identified as a key issue for leaders today to understand and manage – and yet most are ill-equipped to deal with it.

  • Leadership Development

    This can range from a half day introductory look at complexity/chaos theory and leadership, to days/module(s) to plug into a current leadership programme, to a comprehensive module-based culture change intervention to support internal organisational and leadership development process. Clients range from large blue-chip Multi- National Companies, to business schools/universities, to organisations which do not have their own in-house leadership development teams. We are a company that has a global, powerfully new and comprehensive approach to leadership which can be delivered locally around the world.

  • Leadership Consulting

    This level of consulting is aimed at engaging whole organisations in taking a lead, rather than waiting to be led. Activities range from mass engagement events to whole organisational change processes to ensure the organisation moves towards a dynamic of continual improvement and initiative at the lowest levels.  The experience is a roller coaster, full of suprises where the followers learn to lead and the leaders learn to support and follow.

  • Strategy and Change

    The traditional days of the top team formulating long term strategies, cascading them through the organisation, and then managing the resultant change, are numbered. For many organisations the context is now too dynamic, and uncertainty is too high. At CAL we believe that traditional approaches to strategy formulation and change management can be complemented by more dynamic approaches including strategic intuition, strategy through simple rules and dilemma resolution. The way an organisation manages and leads itself, and being flexible and adaptive in the approach, is increasingly important.

  • Innovation with accountability

    The ability to adapt may help an organisation to survive, but innovation will ensure it sustains and thrives. For innovation to thrive a difficult balance needs to be struck between allowing freedom for mistakes on the one hand and the need to manage and regulate on the other. CAL enables leadership to put in place a culture where that balance can be struck and where innovation with accountability can thrive.


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